Can I Save My Tooth?

Emergency Extraction or Save the Tooth? One of the most common questions we get from patients who have a toothache is “Can I Save My Tooth?” It’s an understandable question and one that makes perfect sense at the emergency dentist: your tooth hurts. It’s the weekend. You don’t like seeing the dentist. And now you […]

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Can You Wait to See the Dentist if You Have an Infection?

You wake up on a Saturday morning and your tooth hurts. You look in the mirror to see the gums below a broken tooth are swollen. Maybe there’s a little puss coming out. The more you look at it the more obvious it becomes: you have an infection. But… it’s Saturday morning. Most dentists are […]

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How Long Can I Wait to See the Dentist if I Have an Infection?

Can I Wait To Get My Tooth Pulled if I Have an Infection?

That’s a pretty common question we get on a Saturday afternoon at our emergency dental clinic in San Diego. Since we are one of only a few San Diego emergency dentists that are open on the weekend, we get a lot of calls with questions and concerns. Most of the time, someone wants to know if they should come see us and have it taken care of on a Saturday or if they can wait to see their regular dentist on Monday. It’s a good question.

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Tips for Finding the Best, Most Affordable Emergency Dentist

When you get a toothache, you want quality care from an emergency dentist who is available when you need him or her most. You want an emergency dentist that will drop what he is doing to help you right away. You want an emergency dentist who is fair, gentle, and compassionate in your time of need.

The last thing you want is to be “nickled and dimed” when you are in pain at your emergency dentist.

Here are some questions you can ask to make sure that the emergency dentist you choose is the right fit for you:

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Will it Hurt?

“Will my dental procedure hurt?” We get this question ALL the time. The answer? Probably not! At On Demand Dentist, we do everything we can to make our emergency dental patients pain-free and comfortable during the procedure. We use local anesthetics and also have nitrous oxide (laughing gas) available. If at any time during your […]

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What is a Mini-Root Canal?

A pulpectomy, or mini-root canal, is really the first step of a root canal procedure. At On Demand Dentist, performing a mini-root canal can help many patients get out of pain so they can visit their regular dentist to finish the root canal at a later date. To learn more about pulpectomies and find out […]

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Do You Accept Medi-Cal?

Emergency Dentist San Diego Does Not Work with Medi-Cal or Medicare As an emergency dentist San Diego, On Demand Dentist has positioned itself to be one of the lowest cost dental clinics in San Diego. Most patients pay less than $407 and some pay closer to $200 when all is said and done. For our […]

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How Many Visits Will My Procedure Take?

San Diego Emergency Dentist — One Visit and Out of Pain Most of our patients at San Diego emergency dentist, On Demand Dentist, do not have to come back after their procedure. Our goal is to help you feel better in one visit and hopefully you’ll never have to come back — because you’ll never […]

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When a Toothache is More Than a Toothache

We had a patient call us at 4:00 AM the other day with a major toothache. This guy was an MMA fighter and had been dealing with the toothache for about 7 months, so you know that it was really bad when he finally called us. After talking for a few minutes we met him […]

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