What's the Story Behind Our Logo?

San Diego Emergency Dentist Yellow Plus in Red D We wanted a logo that was easy to understand and remember as a symbol of emergency dental care. We also wanted to stand out from the crowd. In dental schools, most dentists are taught to never use the color red, because it can remind people of the color of blood -- not good in an industry that struggles with almost 80% of the population being afraid of the dentist. We disagree. We think red is the perfect color for an emergency dental clinic. Why? Because it stands out. It's easy to see. It's easy to find. It's memorable. And if nobody can find us, how can we help anyone with a toothache? We incorporated a PLUS sign into the "D" in the logo because of all the positive (pun intended) connotations of the symbol. Think about it...

We offer PLUS service We offer PLUS hours We offer PLUS care We offer PLUS pricing

So now, anytime you see a red D with a PLUS sign inside, you'll know it means quality emergency dental care at affordable prices 7 days a week.