Creative Ways to Get the Money Needed for Your Emergency Dental Work

Your dental care needs and your budget requirements don't always line up. But that doesn't mean that your toothache will simply go away until you have more money in your pocket. So how do you pay for your dental care when you don't have insurance or cash in the bank? Some of our patients have gotten pretty creative and developed a pretty good list of ways to get that toothache taken care of. A few of the options:
  • Care Credit interest-free financing
  • Visit the pawn shop
  • Recycle cans and bottles
  • Borrow the money from family or friends
  • Pay advance systems
  • Sell stuff on Craigslist
There are a lot of ways to pay for your dental care, even if you don't have insurance, great credit, or cash in the bank. Hopefully the video below will inspire you to take action and get that toothache taken care of as soon as possible.

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