You wake up on a Saturday morning and your tooth hurts. You look in the mirror to see the gums below a broken tooth are swollen. Maybe there's a little puss coming out. The more you look at it the more obvious it becomes: you have an infection. But... it's Saturday morning. Most dentists are closed and most "emergency dentists" charge a premium to call on a Saturday (no extra charge for weekend calls at On Demand Dentist!). So what do you do? Most people want to wait until Monday. Is that a good diea? What can happen if you wait? Infections aren't something you want to mess with. Is it inconvenient to get pain from an infection on a weekend? Sure -- weekends are for fun and relaxation, not dental visits! But infections are serious business. They can spread to other regions of the body, including up into the sinuses and brain. It's always best to get it looked at by an emergency dentist (and if you're in San Diego, you can always call On Demand Dentist for affordable emergency dental care). For more information about dental infections and what the best course of action is, watch the brief video, below.

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