Where Can You Go For Affordable Wisdom Tooth Extractions in San Diego?

Wisdom teeth can cause people a lot of pain and grief... and expense.

Most people don't have enough room in their mouth for the wisdom teeth to come in straight, which results in he teeth coming in crooked, getting implacted, causing infections, decay, and a whole host of other problems along the way. For most people, the solution is to remove their wisdom teeth. But... it's EXPENSIVE! Most general dentists prefer not to remove impacted wisdom teeth because they can be difficult to get to and can cause some problems if not removed properly. That's why most patients are referred to oral surgeons. And oral surgeons are well-equipped to remove one or all of your wisdom teeth. The problem with visiting the oral surgeon is the cost (for most people).Extractions, general anesthesia, recover... it all can up to thousands of dollars. And wht do you do if your wisdom teeth are causing excruciating pain and you can't afford to visit the oral surgeon? Or can't wait for the surgeon to open up if you have pain after hours? That's why at On Demand Dentist we offer affordable wisdom tooth extractions in San Diego.

Affordable Dentist in San Diego for Wisdom Teeth

At On Demand Dentist, we charge between $199 and $249 to extract a wisdom tooth. That's FAR below the typical cost to extract wisdom teeth in San Diego. Why are we so affordable?

A Few Reasons Why On Demand Dentist Offers Affordable Wisdom Tooth Extractions in San Diego

  1. We don't charge you for general anesthesia. Most oral surgeons want to "put you under" to extract your wisdom teeth. Why? Because it makes it easier for you AND for them. If you have to sit in a chair while all four of your wisdom teeth are extracted, it can be tedious, tiring, and stressfull if you don't like going to the dentist. It also can be difficult for the doctor to remove them if you are fidgeting and nervous. By sedating patients, oral surgeons can remove the wisdom teeth faster and easier... they can also charge a LOT more because they are sedating you.The reality is, you don't NEED to be "put under" to have a wisdom tooth extracted. It's really not any different than any other extraction. When your wisdom tooth hurts in the middle of the night, and you want it taken care of, you're probably only going to want one tooth removed. That's is very easy to do WITHOUT general anesthesia.Long story short: you never NEED general anesthesia to have wisdom teeth taken out. We don't put you under, so we don't have to charge as much.
  2. You don't pay extra so we can be overstaffed. Most dental offices have a lot of staff members to pay. It's difficult to run a dental practice without dental assistants, front desk help, receptionists, etc. At On Demand Dentist, we don't need all those extra employees because we only come in when you need us to. That means our only employees are our dentists. That saves on overhead, which means we can charge less for wisdom tooth extractions.
  3. We want to help you as best we can. When your tooth hurts, it's never convenient. That's why we do our best to keep our prices as low as possible -- we are here to help people (read more about our charity support here). Our dentists work regular "day jobs" at other practices. Emergency dental care is a passion for us, not our bread and butter. That's why we charge less for wisdom tooth extractions: we pay our dentists and we pay our rent... and we pass the savings on to you.
  4. We are trained in wisdom tooth extractions. Look, not every dentist likes surgery and not many dentists like removing wisdom teeth. Our dentists are trained and are good at it. We don't charge more because they are "difficult" and we don't charge more because we "don;t really want to do it"... we offer affordable wisdom tooth extractions in San Diego because we can and that's how we choose to run our practice.

But Don't You Have to See an Oral Surgeon and Be Sedated?

We get that question all the time. The answer is typically "no." Some dentists simply aren't comfortable removing wisdom teeth and so they (rightly) refer their patients to the surgeon. Some have never taken out wisdom teeth without sedation, so they just think there is no other way. At On Demand Dentist, we routinely remove impacted wisdom teeth with great success (our reviews tell the story). However, in some cases it is best to see an oral surgeon. If your wisdom tooth is resting on your nerve and there is a possibility of nerve damage, we will refer you to an oral surgeon. If you really want all four removed at once, we might advise you that it will be easier under sedation and refer you to an oral surgeon. BUT... if you visit On Demand Dentist and we CAN'T remove your wisdom teeth, you won't have to pay a penny. That's right: "If We Can't Fix It, You'd Don't Pay!" That means that if after we take X-Rays and do an exam, we don't feel confident in removing your wisdom tooth affordably and safely, we will refer you to an oral surgeon and you won't have to pay for the X-Rays or the exam... simple as that.

Call On Demand Dentist

So, the next time your wisdom tooth hurts -- whether it's noon on a Tuesday, midnight on a Thursday, or early on a Saturday -- give us a call at On Demand Dentist and we will do our best to provide you with an affordable wisdom tooth extraction in San Diego!

11 Responses to Affordable Wisdom Tooth Extraction in San Diego

  1. So I had a root canal and had a crown placed over it about 8 years ago now that same tooth is hurting and I’m getting this bump that hurts on the side of my gum where the tooth is . So it’s not necessarily a wisdom tooth extraction but I don’t know what could be done

  2. samantha bartley says:

    Hi I Have The Worst Teeth Aches. and i dont know what to do about it cause like i Cant before much like how most dentist charge outrageous prices& my wisdom teeth are coming in so fast it feels like. so I just really need some help and help fast no medicine in this world could help this pain i Have. someone please help me.

    • We recently wrote an article about how most dentists charge EXTRA when you’re in pain — it doesn’t seem fair. We do everything we can to keep our costs low. The easiest way to reach us is to call 619-342-3577 and we can usually get you in to see a doctor within a a couple of hours.

    • Normally about $199 for the extraction. If you call our office they can give you a more precise number, but most extractions are $199.

  3. I have a terrible tooth ache, I went to the dentist but they just told me that that they need to remove all four of my wisdom teeth and they don’t have a surgeon come in until next Friday I can’t wait that long !help!

    • Give us a call. We can probably help you out depending on how bad the wisdom teeth are. If we can’t take them out you won’t pay — that’s our policy. 619-342-3577

  4. I don’t have dental insurance and would like to have one wisdom tooth pulled.. is the estimated $199 price for people with dental insurance?

    • Hi Vic, the $199 for the extraction is for all patients. Patients with insurance can often get a portion of that back from their provider. But either way, the price is the same.


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