After-Hours Dentist in San Diego

Nobody wants a toothache. That shooting pain that comes out of nowhere. The dull, throbbing pain in the back of the mouth that shoots up into your neck and ear. The searing pain that seems to radiate from everywhere at once. It hurts and it makes you miserable. It's even worse when it's 2:00 AM and there's no where to go.

So what do you do when it's the middle of the night -- or a weekend, or a holiday -- and you get a toothache? Who do you call? Where do you go?

The first thing to do is check for tooth damage. If you can see damage you may be able to apply a topical anesthetic from the pharmacy that will help you get through the pain for a few hours until you can see your dentist. If there is a large cavity, sometimes dental wax can be helpful (you can get it at most pharmacies). Just push the wax into the cavity gently to prevent the nerves from being exposed. You can also try over the counter pain medication to buy you some time before seeing the dentist. For a lucky few, these measures will work and you'll have overnight relief from the pain.

What If Your Tooth Still Hurts?

For everyone else, there aren't many options. You can go to the emergency room and get relief from the pain, but you'll still have to go to the dentist to fix the source of the problem. You can call an after-hours dentist, but most will only treat an emergency toothache at midnight if you are already a patient at their dental practice. You can search online for a 24/7 dentist, but true "emergency rooms" for toothaches are few and far between. That's why we created On Demand Dentist. We are available 24-hours a day for toothache relief; the after hours dentist San Diego. Call our office and a live operator will help you anytime, day or night. A dentist will see you after hours, weekends, holidays, 24-7. An emergency dentist is always just a phone call away. So what do you do when you have a toothache on a Saturday or after hours?
  • Try to alleviate the pain with topical anesthetic (always a good thing to have around in your dental emergency kit) and/or over the counter pain relievers
  • If those don't work, you can call On Demand Dentist in the San Diego area for emergency dental care whenever you need it
  • If the pain won't go away and you can't wait until morning to call your regular dentist, visit an urgent care or emergency room near you. While most are not equipped to fix dental problems, they will be able to help you get out of pain so you can get some rest and relaxation before seeing a dentist the next day.

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